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Time Management


Businesses today run round the clock and with the increase in the number of employees, come the complexities of managing them. You need to ensure that your staff manages its time efficiently and your business runs at an optimum. Conventional tracking methods like maintaining registers don't work in such a scenario and enterprises may end up with huge losses. Wrong practices like piggybacking, irregular shift timings, and inflated man-hours, manipulated data entries and human errors are some of administrative hindrances that can cost you a lot of time and money. It is important to maintain records of attendance, extra time and leaves so that correct payouts happen and your business doesn't let profits slip away.

We at GAIA ITES provide comprehensive solutions to take care of these requirements. Our time and attendance outsourcing services allows you to overcome the risks involved in over-time calculation, attendance reports and legislative changes. Our dedicated resource takes care of your company structure, shift timings, rosters, holidays, break-timings, overtime allowances and sets it all up for you. From execution of daily activities related to time and attendance management, GAIA ITES provides solutions that help you manage your staffing schedule. We also provide you detailed reports based on your requirements.

Since we access confidential information, we assure you the highest levels of information confidentiality and keep your data secure.

Our Offerings:

Some of our offerings in the area of time management are:

  • Log In Log Out Details Management.
  • Meal Break reporting in compliance with the regulations in California
  • Schedule Maintenance and Updates
  • Overtime calculation and validation
  • Periodic Audits of Attendance Capture Systems

With the ever-changing labor laws and regulations, detailed reporting and many other factors increase the complexities in scheduling, attendance and time keeping. GAIA ITES has the knowledge and experience that you can always bank on!