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"The integration of Live Chat and dedicated Email support in business processes has allowed companies to easily maximize the potential of their business by minimizing the distance between the company and the customers"

Customer preferences are changing. With the advent of the Internet, today's customers prefer making online transactions, whether it's making reservations, hotel bookings, or shopping. Virtual stores have taken over in a way no one imagined! The companies doing well today are the ones that are connecting with their prospective customers as well as their existing customers by offering all possible avenues of communication and being available 24 hours a day.

Nowadays, modern businesses are taking their Live Chat Support and Email Support departments very seriously and the move is paying rich dividends by improving customer satisfaction, increasing customer loyalty, and in the process, bringing in huge profits. Live Chat support and E-mail support represent two important means of communication that can add great value to any business. In today's competitive environment, you cannot afford to lag behind in this aspect. It is difficult to attract customers to your company's products and services, but it is still harder to make them buy from your company. You need an experienced service provider that excels in engaging your customers and ensures faster conversion!

Chat Live

GAIA ITES brings you Chat Live, a web chat and e-mail support service that excels in answering questions, providing additional information, upselling and cross selling, and resolving customer issues. We have been partnering with some of the leading organizations of the world to better their customer experience. Today, you have to be available and accessible to your customers 24 x 7, whenever your customers need to inquire about products or services, place orders, track orders, raise complaints, escalate issues, request information, and do just about anything.

We engage with consumers seeking help on the web through real-time messaging, creating more relevant, compelling, and personalized online experiences and thus help in decision making.

Our Service Offerings
  • Online Sales
  • E-commerce Support
  • Technical Support
  • Account Information Updates
  • Shipping and Product Questions
  • Complaint Handling

GAIA ITES has a highly motivated and skilled workforce, with the expertise and experience to maximize the potential of your business. Our proactive approach has the potential to yield high profits for your business on the back of unparalleled customer satisfaction.