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Baggage Claim Management

In an environment of tight margins, mishandled baggage poses a strategic threat to airlines. While airlines share responsibility with airports, for ensuring effective baggage handling, the market ultimately penalises carriers when things go wrong. Backed by the increased demands in the business environment, a growing number of airlines, are engaging with trusted third-party partners with experience, as well as dedicated and focused expertise, in managing data to handle airline industry customer problems and queries. Although considered a challenge, baggage claim management is increasingly becoming an important area in which airlines can optimize ancillary revenue generation, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer loyalty and is helping most carriers offset higher fuel and labor costs. GAIA ITES is the one stop solution for airline baggage claim management, with their through put knowledge in IATA and airline baggage resolution.

The GAIA ITES Experience:
  • Baggage Claim Helpdesk : Specializes in IATA Baggage resolution, Airline conditions of carriage, Montreal & Warsaw convention & DOT (Department of Transportation) baggage regulations.
  • Claims officers work within the airlines limit, to better negotiate claims with their customers ensuring maximum savings for the airline and at the same time retaining the customer.
  • Customized reports to help airlines understand the claim volume, based on mishandled baggage type i.e. Delayed, Lost, Damaged etc, station performance, claim settlement ratio, claimed amount vs. settled amount etc.