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Back Office Support

Back Office Support

Back office Operations are the backbone of any business. The back office is the part of a corporation where strategies are formulated. Although the back office operations are not visible to customers, you as an organization know how important they are! An efficient back office plays a major role in determining the ultimate success of a business. With rising operational costs, companies today are increasingly outsourcing their back office operations. This helps them leverage upon the best practices of the vendor partners and run the organization at optimum efficiency.


We at GAIA ITES realized that our capacity to deliver was based on the strength of our back office process maturity. GAIA ITES leverages innovation, technology, best practices, and cross-functional domain expertise to provide organizations with cost-effective, high-quality back-office support across a wide range of business areas. From transactions to retail operations to financial analyses, our expertise has helped organization streamline their operations and build efficient processes. Our back office services cover functional areas like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Claims Processing, MIS and Reporting services and Employee Background Verification services to name a few. Due to our vast experience in back office processes, we are able to understand the nuances for each sub-process and help clients optimize their systems. We interact regularly with our customers and industry groups to ensure the support we provide is ahead of the curve.

In today's dynamic business world, accurate & effective data entry plays a key role in generating meaningful information for making business decisions. Companies deal with large volumes of data due to the growth of their business. The delays due to the processing of data can also impact customer satisfaction leading to a loss of customers. It could have a negative long-term effect on revenues and growth. Plus, the overall data entry costs increase significantly.

GAIA ITES has built its back office support systems with effective synergies, optimal resource utilization, and all-round productivity in mind. We take pride in differentiating ourselves from competition. Listed below are some points that help GAIA ITES stand out:

  • A strong pool of motivated and experienced staff that has dealt with clients from diverse industries
  • Assured deduction in cost and processing cycle time, with standardized and streamlined processes
  • Data management tools that enable real-time, data-driven operational decision-making
  • Effective performance evaluation and quality assurance systems that widen the scope for making better support decisions and resolving issues faster
  • High level of data security and expert IT support

Ensuring that your back office support can actually support your business is critical to your success. With GAIA ITES, you can be assured of service quality and round the clock support at all times. Our focus on increasing efficiencies, speed to market, and customer satisfaction in a cost-effective manner will ensure that you keep winning always.

We at GAIA ITES understand that data is the lifeblood of your firm and that accurate and efficient data entry is critical for executing transactions, decision making and customer support. We realize that there is an increasing need for better quality, offered along with a competitive cost advantage and consistently try to deliver the same. Our data entry specialists have great typing speed with high accuracy and are experienced in alpha numeric data entry.

The Gaia ITES Advantage

  • Assured data security, confidentiality, and consistent data entry
  • Advanced and reliable data entry tools, macros, scripts utilization
  • Significant cost saving as you can focus on your core activities
  • Experienced data entry specialists, typists with accurate & fast data entry skills
  • Expertise in different business functions & verticals

Our offerings

Gaia ITES offers data entry and maintainance services in the following areas

  • Volume Data Entry (Handwritten / Printed)
  • PDF, Excel and Word File Conversion
  • Bulk Bill/Order Processing
  • Abstracting and Indexing
  • Insurance processing
  • Ebook conversion in any format
  • Invoice Data entry
  • Catalog Conversion and Digitization
  • Data Extraction, Tabulation and Analysis
  • Online Data Entry and Remote Verification
  • Internet Research, Email Mining and Customized List Making