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Airline Baggage

"Mishandled and lost bags are a major reason for customer dissatisfaction. Despite increased emphasis on self-service and use of technology for baggage handling, millions of bags get mishandled every year causing considerable inconvenience to the customer and loss of revenue for the airline."

As the world takes to the skies in increasing numbers, delivering the best possible passenger experience is the number one priority for airlines. It doesn't matter if the passenger experience is quick, convenient and totally effortless. It can all count for nothing because of a lost bag. With GAIA ITES expertise in Baggage management and World Tracer customers are reunited with their luggage in a timely and effortless manner. GAIA ITES provides extensive baggage helpdesk services for a multitude of airlines, handling customer queries for their delayed, lost, damaged, pilfered baggage and lost and found items as well.

The GAIA ITES Experience:
  • Baggage helpdesk: Handling customer queries about mishandled baggage. Providing proactive and re-active communication with all customers with mishandled baggage.
  • Communication: Our agents can communicate with customers via calls, SMS, email etc.
  • Reporting: Customized Weekly & Monthly reports for all the above process based on the client requirements, like:
    • Weekly Baggage Call Log Report for each Airline
    • Weekly Baggage Claim Log Report
    • Weekly & Monthly Background Check Report
    • Weekly & Monthly Exit Interview Report