As a business, you always want to expand your market. You have to ensure that your products and services reach a far wider audience. New mediums like social media, e commerce etc. have acquired a lot of prominence in recent times. A traditional and hugely successful way of doing it is still through telemarketing. Telemarketing widens customer pools  and helps in faster buying decisions. If a customer is convinced by your pitch; sales become a breeze.

Telemarketing is such a specialized service needing  enthusiastic and motivated individuals , you can’t leave it to just any company  to get the job done. You surely need to give us a call!

The Expertise

When it comes to telemarketing, we are the experts! Gaia, with its exceptional call center services and skilled employees, assure  you of proven results, experience-based selling techniques, and cutting-edge software and technology. Gaia guarantees you courteous and experienced telemarketers, recurring sales, quality leads, and the capability to do it over and over again!

We at Gaia provide our telemarketing staff with soft skills training that gives them that professional edge, and ensures that they be courteous with customers at all times. Our staff also has years of sales and telemarketing experience, the technical know-how,  product  and service knowledge, with the skills to communicate in multiple languages.

So whether you need a telemarketing service platform for B2B appointment setting, lead generation, client and prospect surveying, market research and surveys, or data cleansing and follow-up, you can have as big or small  a dedicated team as your business may need.

Every Gaia representative ensures that they greet the customer appropriately, follow the customized on-screen script you’ve approved, and refer to a standard knowledge base of your business, its products or services, and  details on  pricing. A combination of expertise and in depth knowledge help improve and generate increased sales.

Increased Productivity

Did you know that it takes about 80 calls to acquire one prospect? Now imagine how many hours a  day employees would have to spend on outbound telemarketing! Using your valuable resources to focus on managing your company’s  important day to day functions would be smart way to reduce costs and improve productivity. Letting Gaia do the selling and support of your valuable product  or service improves the bottom line with profits and savings right away.

Hiring our telemarketing staff means freeing your employees to do more than just dial numbers and sell products or services. It means increasing your bandwidth to do more, to focus on and grow your business, and to concentrate resources in product- or service-specific work areas. You need our help , and we’re more than happy to give it to you!

Customer Acquisition

In today’s cut throat world, you have to be constantly on the lookout for new customers and opportunities.  There is always the probability of someone taking over your clients, resulting in a loss for you. As a Business you always have to think ahead and innovate. In today’s supply demand driven market, your customers have a lot of options. Hence, the chances of customers finding you are remote.  Now it’s all about you reaching out to your customers faster!  So how do you ensure that you reach out to more and more customers? You can’t wait for them to knock on your doors! The easier way is to identify new customers and work on enrolling them. This is a specialized job and thrives on how good you are at wowing a customer. It takes a while to build that connect and trust. You need an expert that generates quality leads for you and ensures that you sell the right product to the right person!

We at Gaia specialize in Lead Generation services across industries. We offer a full range of online marketing services to our clients; right from Lead Generation to e-mail marketing, product promotions and online surveys. So, whether it’s bringing in business by generating the right quality leads or the right volume of leads, we’ll do it for you, and with results.

The success of any Lead Generation program depends on the Qualification process. Our Lead Generation experts ensure that the leads you receive are filtered and meet all the parameters defined by you. We specialize in new business development through effective and professional telemarketing services.

Specialists at executives are qualified, specially trained, and come with years of quality experience. They are also backed with multiple skills and the right approach to cater to global customers. Our executives are your Lead Generation solution, freeing up your sales force to do what they do best—sell your goods and services. Further, Gaia’s advanced Lead Generation system integrates the necessary tools, service platforms and strategies that your company needs to grow in today’s aggressive marketplace.

The Numbers

Gaia assures you 24*7*365  dedicated telesales services. With more time and energy spent in telemarketing your product or service, you’re bound to generate more leads and eventually, make more sales across various markets.

The Consistency

With the right knowledge, experience, and technology at our disposal, Gaia promises to serve you over and over again, each time with better, quality results. Gaia has tele-marketed a wide range of products and services, effectively and consistently, through the  years.

We’re consistent, we’re confident, and we’re proud of what we bring to the table. We guarantee you expertise, experience, quality, volume, and the ability to do it over and over again. All you have to do is to give  us a call. Your best sale is only a phone call away!