“It all comes down to – How successful, you want your product or service to be?”

We live in a world of Markets that can change on a dime. The shelf life of products and services are shorter than ever. The moment you launch a new product or service, your (Time to Market) becomes very important. It is crucial to optimize your marketing efforts and reach out to as many customers as possible. With so many different mediums of marketing, it becomes very difficult to manage your options and your campaigns all by yourself. With the advent of Social Media and Internet Marketing, you need to respond 24×7 and have in place a monitoring system. The risk of not having a monitoring system with a quick response mechanism could lead to customer dissatisfaction and result in the loss of your customer base or failure of your product to reach desired levels of success.

At GAIA ITES, we understand how important it is to handle marketing campaigns. More than ever, marketing teams need end-to-end content and campaign capabilities to create, deliver, track and optimize programs across multiple channels. Our versatile skills and flexible approach have been instrumental, in successfully designing & executing campaigns in a wide range of business verticals:
Since we launched our solution, we have worked with over 2500 businesses all over the North & South America, Europe & APAC.

Our Services:
Some of our offerings in the area of campaign management are:
• Inbound and Outbound Marketing
• Online Marketing (Newsletters, Web chat, e mails etc.)
• Database Marketing
• Social Media Listening and Moderation
• Brochure and Promotional Material designing
• Content Development (E-Mails, presentations, online advertisements etc.)
• Social Media Analytics

The GAIA ITES Advantage:

• GAIA ITES operates 24*7*365 dedicated services. With round the clock support you can be assured of catering to a wider audience and attending to customer queries as and when they arise! Never mind the location you choose to run your campaign, our services are there for you!

• We have years of experience in Marketing & Promotional Collateral Design. Depending on the project, we do competitive research. With our pool of experience, we review our findings and agree on a framework for the design – colors to use, look-feel, etc. You can be assured; your brand’s image will not only remain intact, but grow!

• Our tenured and seasoned staff will at first understand your business and product thoroughly. They will ensure, your customers are the first to know of a new product or service launch. Our trained social media associates develop and implement posting plans based on approved editorial calendars. They will run and moderate online contests and manage your fan and community pages to keep your loyal customers engaged. They also ensure that any complaint or escalation is addressed swiftly.

• Our database marketing services include helping clients organize and consolidate their databases, set up and run marketing campaigns leveraging information available in these databases, and capture campaign responses back into the database for your company’s future use.

So talk to us today to understand how we can help you optimize your marketing efforts! Our expertise has amazed and delighted our clients over the years.

If you have the will to succeed…..you stick with the people who have the right attitude and a winning formula!